Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Many times people are awe, every time i mention to them that my wife is Japanese. and I guess you too, when you read this blog, anyway i will go ahead and apologized for some if not many grammatical error in this blog honestly, im just gonna write what pop's in my head. Well, i mention that our couple is multi-cultured, not only that we came from very different background but religious belief, she came from a Shintoism and i came from devoted Catholic by birth and who always lead the rosary in my hometown way back in Mangagoy Bislig, and on top of that historical you know what i mean.

I still recall my late grandma's story about her personal experience during the time of Japanese era in my country. Sorry i don't want to mention any derogatory word here i'm just trying to be civilized har har har. judge me not for this, by the way did i mention that my Lola before she passed away she told us that we can marry anybody except guess what? I will tell you later i know you are going to hate me for this but have to go...... see you

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