Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our New Born Baby

God is always good to us, with out any doubt, He is giving us a new healthy baby boy we called him Henry he was born in normal delivery May 7, 2009 @ exactly 11:30 AM weighing 2.7 kg

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Second Opinion Really Counts!

During the Pregnancy of my wife to our fourth child Benjamin was a bit difficult since we just move to a new town, and pretty much we don't know about the nearby hospitals so we have to look around and we found this one place which is very new, so we decide to have a regular prenatal there. On the expected date of Terumi (my wife's name) we did last ultra sound for the baby to make it sure everything is okay, but to our surprised we are told by her Doctor that she have to deliver the baby by Cesarean, and we are shock! I asked the doctor what is the reason? then she explained a lengthy explanations that she can only understand. So I told her I need a second Opinion, and she said yes it is your right to do so.

So we went to another hospital for the new ultrasound to confirmed the finding of the first one, and again, to our surprise other doctor told us that the baby is fine and she can deliver in natural birth. after we went home, one of our neighbor told us about a well known midwife who just came back from abroad she said that this person really good nurse and midwife, so we went to her clinic and we found out that she does home service and she asked my wife if she is okay with her to give birth at home, and she said its okay with me without any worry on her face. And then I realized that last experienced she had in the hospital her in the Philippines was not pleasant because during her labor the doctor don't allow me to be with her, unlike in the U.S. I was with her all the time. So we both decided that Terumi san will give birth in the house and it was a wonderful the whole thing went smooth and quick while my Mother is with us. So that is the reason why we do it at home

Friday, May 8, 2009

Were Having a new Baby!

Just yesterday my wife Terumi san give birth to our 5th child we name him Henry since that is the name that his brothers and sister want. He weight 2.7 Kg. He was born at exactly 11:30 AM May 7, 2009 Philippines time, although this is our fifth child but the experience is always amazing. I mean amazing how a new life is unfolding right in front of me, since I'm with my wife during the whole process. Oh by the way before I forget she give birth not in the hospital but in our own home, Some people is wondering why in the home? we have reason for that, and maybe I can write another article for that matter. Henry is born healthy and his brother and sister cannot stop looking at him and even want him to carry, I am thankful for all the people who pray for us and being there, even just by the text they extend their support, I'm very grateful to my wife for being brave and strong despite of the pain that she has to endure and most of all I give all the thanks to our Heavenly Father who always with us hhhhmmmmm God is Good all the time, no doubt for that