Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dealing with Childrens Uniqueness

Uniqueness of my children are the most rewarding thing that I can treasure always, many times I listen to a lots of parents saying that they love there sons and daughter equally, but I think, you can only provide their material needs equally, but the LOVE you have to deal it uniquely.

One of the typical example, when we come back from shopping for groceries, we always brought something for the kids, even simple things or toys, and of course since we have four kids, we always bought same toy for everyone. One thing that I notice, every time we arrive, kids raced to get the toys. I notice several different expression of love language, from my eldest which is 9 years old, he will jump up and down with joy while my second son, he will smile and say thanks and he will give you a big hug. My daughter which is 7 years old, after she gets the toy, she just want to tell you what is going on for her day. My youngest who is 4 I'm still in the process of knowing what kind of language he will express. With this experience I can say that we have a lot of things to learn from every child and so with our partners in life.

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Bernie Crosstonque said...

Children are teaching us as well about the mistery of love. The more children we have the more we learn creative ways in giving love.