Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Wife Did a Better Choice

Me and my wife Terumi were blending two families from different culture but we had established certain rules for the children. One rule was that there is no internet games during school days.

One day Terumi came home from work to find me and my kids, playing together in front of the computer. I saw she was infuriated. but rather yelling at me. She called me papa can you come here please!

In the heat of a discussion, Its easy for us to say these firing words, "If you ever … then I'll …" (fill in the blanks). Or maybe one will say, "Don't you ever say (or do) that again or we have big problem." We rarely resolve anything when one or both partners act out of a threatening tune of our voice.

Terumi did Better Choice: She succeed by pulling me aside and simply asking for clarification. Did I forget? Did I change my mind? But the fact that I feel how she felt, and that very moment the only thing I can say is "Sorry Mama" You felt being betrayed by what I did, It will never happen again.... and I saw her face lighten up, and I give her a tight hug as we embrace each other


mistika said...

I am in a multiculturan marriage and the mother of two I really enjoy reading your blog.

Bernie Crosstonque said...

what has been practice in the family in the day to day life is a living and real testimony of one's conviction in life. keep it up Erick.

Yea Mi said...

nice team work there dadi..eheh..u really have established a wonderful family and that it will be better for a new fam member will soon to come..eehhe..ben-ben and his brother and sisters are very sweet and loving, respectful and responsible even though their still young, lastly they sure know how to have fun..enjoy(>u<)/